About Us

We are two mums, Nadia and Eva. Our vision is to make zero waste and plastic free shopping the new norm. Making it accessible to everyone, we will also offer local home deliveries and and online shop apart from a physical shop. 

Our aim is to reduce waste and work mostly with UK based small producers, farms and makers. We believe supporting small and local businesses is important and everyone wins. We are working alongside local businesses to ensure our environmental impact (and therefore yours) stays as low as possible whilst simultaneously supporting other small businesses. A physical shop can make a big difference when people are trying to shop sustainably. We know many people are. trying to make small sustainable steps and our shop will offer just that! 

The plastic pollution our generation has to face needs a solution and the answer is doing our best and not producing any at the first place because - and we are mums, we both have two children - we want to make sure that our children grow up and inherit a safe and healthy planet to live. This is our story, this is the ultimate goal: to do our best to preserve our beautiful Earth for the future generations.