Reusable (Baby) Wipes 2-Ply Soft Cotton And Cotton Terry Pack of 5

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  • Description

    A washable and reusable alternative to wasteful and polluting single use wet wipes to help you ditch the plastic disposables. Make a switch to a kinder, more natural, cheaper and convenient option.

    One side a soft, flannelette cotton - gentle and delicate on skin, one side cotton terry towelling - grippy and absorbent for messier jobs.

    Sewn with 100% cotton thread, making these completely compostable once they've reached the end of their life (which will be years!). 100% cotton products also do not leach plastic microfibres into water systems through washing.

    Each wipe is approx 17x17cm

    Great for baby wipes - hands and faces, mopping up, nappy changing.
    Also great for travel/festival wipes, cleaning wipes, dish cloths, face/wash cloths, feminine wipes and reusable toilet roll.

    Simply wet before use, from a tap or bottle.
    For ease and convenience, wipes can also be batch pre-wet daily and kept in a wet bag ready to use. 
    Used wipes can be stored in a wet bag or dedicated container ready to add to laundry, or place straight into the laundry basket or washing machine.

    Dirtier wipes can be soaked or rinsed under cold water prior to washing. Wash with household laundry at 30-60c. Tumble dry or air dry.

    Handmade by Mary in Wirral, England